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Panfilo is a flagship endeavour of the Corona Garment Company, venturing exclusively into the array of Linen shirts and clothing. The concept, of introducing pure Irish Linen in the most innovative ways, is a vision of the founders of the brand. The company is owned and managed by professionals having experience and knowledge in the industry. Panfilo ensures that their range of products is matched by their commitment to superior quality, creativity and brand integrity. The company strives to offer reliability and exceptional service to their customers and clients. The talented and qualified experts are constantly engaged in making efforts to update and achieve product excellence making Panfilo a unique brand in the garment industry.
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Panfilo - friend of all

As the very name signifies, Panfilo has been designed as a timeless wear; making it a friend of for all seasons, occasions and ages. The neutral yet impressive look is what makes it versatile and adds value for money. It suits any occasion be it formal, semi-formal or casual. The shirts are suitable for all weather conditions and is something that could never run out of fashion. It can be easily paired with other garments. Linen shirts could be clubbed with jeans or chinos or worn loose for a casual look; and could also be tucked into pants or worn with a suit or tie to give it a formal look. Apart from this, linen has a very ethnic look and can be ideally worn with our traditional costumes like the mundu, dhoti or pajamas. This trendy yet sophisticated piece of clothing undoubtedly adds a touch of class to a man's wardrobe. Tailored to a perfect fit, Panfilo is a beautiful combination of class and elegance.
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